School Parent Meeting 4 November 2011 (Friday)

Dear parents,
The school is conducting the SPM for parents and Form teachers (myself) next Friday.
The duration is as follows:
9.30 - 10.30am SPM
10.30 - 11.30am Principal's Talk
11.30 - 4.30pm SPM

This meeting is an opportunity for us to talk about the academic, behavioral, and social well-being of your child / ward as well as to clarify any related questions or concerns about his/her progress and performance over the last semester.

It is not compulsory for you to attend, especially if you're not able to take time off your work. You may choose to communicate your questions and concerns via email/ phone.

Kindly indicate in the form below, your 3 choices of timing (10 minutes per slot) you would like to meet me, in order of your preference. I will sort the bookings when all parents' have responded and inform you of your timing. However, do note when overbooking of slots occur, I would have to allocate the slot to the parent who first responded. Please be assured that I would be as fair as I can, and not give you a slot that is not selected by you.

Should you require to speak to a subject teacher, please kindly highlight in the form below to facilitate your contact with the respective subject teacher. The SPM would focus as a meeting between you and myself.

I appreciate your kind assistance rendered in supporting your child/ ward through the year, and I look forward to our meeting.

Best regards,
Mrs Serene Lew

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