Weekend Homework (15th April - 17th April)

Maths Worksheet
History Worksheet
திருக்குறள் 84,85

Science Homework 7

Science Test 20th April (Week 6 Thursday)
-Elements , Compounds and Mixtures

This is 5% of the total  results

I&E Editing your blog post if not done .
ADMT Cut-Outs / Storyboard
Update iWeb for ICT

English Open Ended worksheet 

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  1. Would you mind being more specific with the math worksheet next time? Like Math worksheet number _ .Thanks

  2. PLEASE try to put the MT homework too.

  3. after staring at the timetable for 10 minutes or so, please try to refer to http://sst2011-s107hcl.blogspot.com/ for our class's HCL homework. Just so it's clearer, refer to the most recent post by Sim Bowen. Thanks