Homework 20 Apr

Science Slides on the topic given to you
ADMT Animation
Bring the money for ADMT

Download SAM Animation

Read your SST Email.They will tell you to download netlogo 4.1.2 from the maths materials folder in the school server

iWeb Website for ICT
Bring Readers Digest books with the articles read

Maths Comment on the post about algebra
Dont do Tamil Compo this week & weekend only do it on monday

Join the s107 maths discussion group



  1. Wait... what money for ADMT?

  2. ya wats that?

  3. for those who didnt pay for animation workshop

  4. the math group is use which email? the sst one or, or our own?

  5. When you are in school tomorrow,

    Go login to sstnet
    Go to connect to server
    type in address
    login ( username and pass are your nric no.)
    go to groups
    go to S1-07
    go to Maths
    Go to Materials
    You will see a folder called netlogo 4.1.2

    drag the whole folder into your applications folder