2011, Feb 10: Advisory Lesson - Cyberwellness (Digital Citizenship)

Activities 1-3: Refer to the "Character Education" page at the Student GoogleSite.

Activity 4: Reflection & Takeaways from the lesson
Reflect on... (enter your thoughts under the Comments)
(a) How do you find this lesson relevant to you in your life?
(b) How does this lesson strength your understanding on the importance of observing Netiquette on the Internet?
(c) Which part of the lesson activity do you find most meaningful? Why?


  1. (a) I use the MacBook (Learning Device) everyday so it is VERY relevant.
    (b) I have never heard of netiquette before so this is pretty new to me. I think I've learnt something new. :)
    (c) The YouTube videos. It was interesting and in some cases funny.

  2. (a) It taught me not to waste other people's time and post other stuff.

    (b) It taught me not to do anything on the internet that I would not do in real life.

    (c) I find the part where they said not to spam very meaningful.

  3. a)I found it very relevant as I use the net everyday and don't want to offend people.
    b)It has taught me not to do thing online which i do not do in real life.
    c)I find the explanation on netiquette the most meaningful as I have never thought about it before.

  4. a) As we're using our learning device and internet everyday we need to know these information so that to stay safe and behave properly in the web..
    b) It teaches me how to respect each other in the web apart from what i've learnt in my primary school...
    c) I find the part where we watched the video on how much people ar hacked and things like that, meaningful because i can be more cautious next time , knowing there are many victims in the world of cyber bully and would let that happen to me...

  5. (a) It has taught me more about the dangers of the internet.
    (b) It teaches me the rules I should follow when I surf the web or chat
    (c) I find the videos the most meaningful because It told me how much of the internet people use now and how dangerous it can be.

  6. It taught me about the dangers of the internet, just a little bit more
    It taught me the guidelines that i SHOULD follow on the web
    The videos cause they were the most brain-stimulating, the ones that got me thinking the most.

  7. a) Since i use the internet everyday, I think this lesson has taught me how i should behave on the net.

    b)I taught me how i should respect others on the net.

    c)I think the videos we watched were most meaningful as I got to understand more things and also what to do to be a responsible netizen.

  8. a)Its very relevant to me because I use the computer everyday.
    b)It taught me to respect others and be responsible.
    c)The videos are the most meaningful because they taught me more about netiquette.

  9. a) I use the computer everyday, so it is very relevent.
    b) It has taught me that etiquette also exists online and not only in real life.
    c) I think the videos were very meaningful as they really helped me understand more.