Reminders's Reminders and More Reminders...

Bring $2.70 (exact change if possible )tomorrow for the food .Submit to BOWEN
For those who forgot cca form ,Bring it tomorrow
Those who did not bring Science Worksheet bring it too.
Remember that just because you can access facebook in school from now on does not mean you can play games.(I and Wai Kit   know some of you so stop it )
For those who have not done the ENGLISH SONG DESCRIPTION ,do it .It will be collected on either tomorrow or some other day after cny holidays .
ICT Homework for those who have not done .(The Book and the Slideshow)
The maths olympiad selection test is next week Tuesday from 2.00pm - 3.00pm.Those who have not registered ,

GO TO and log in.
Click Mathematics under SUBJECTS
There you will see the list of classes.Scroll down and you will see a form to fill up.

To Tamil Pupils 

Memorize திருக்குறள் no 74 in the திருக்குறள்  book (or the one i have at least)

To Chinese Pupils

You have to do page 14 and 15 as well as the surnames.

For the ict homework ,  If you want the photos that were given to me(you can use your own photos) , ask me in ichat.If you want my email , ask someone who has added me in ichat or post your email in the comments section.I will add you .You can also find my email in facebook.Don't spam me. 
If that does not work,you can get the file from someone who has it via thumbdrive or bluetooth.

Thank You,


  1. Helloo there is no sch on thurs

  2. hey. mr jourhari said that the selection test tomorrow is for secondary twos only.

  3. Thank you for your nice reminders pravin...